The Arab Peace Initiative Is a Sow's Ear

Secretary Kerry hopes to re-energize the peace process by making a silk purse out of the Arab Peace Initiative. He met with representatives of the Arab League this week and got them to allow for swaps in their demand for Israel to withdraw to the '67 lines.  This is in line with President Obama's proposal.  Although not in the formal wording of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative  (API), the idea of swaps was mooted when the plan was first introduced and the Arabs were open to the idea so long as the swaps were of equal value and size.  Nothing has changed.  The idea of swaps has been discussed in all negotiations.  But Israel's objection to the API goes way beyond the issue of swaps; it goes to the core idea that Israel must retreat from 100% of the territories, though UNSC Resolution 242 does not require it and Res. 242 is the law. Nevertheless, Kerry and other administration officials are spinning this as a big deal.  At least Kerry reiterated,...(Read Full Article)