Talking Turkey about Obama

President Obama welcomed Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to the White House last week with warmth appropriate for the leader of a strategically located ally which is NATO's only Muslim member, enjoys a booming economy, and holds elections which appear democratic.  But Turkey brings to this alliance conduct which undermines constructive co-operation between our countries.                       Turkey has its own plans for neighboring Syria.   Erdogan once sought to appease his then friend Syrian President Bashar Assad by trying to cajole Israel into surrendering the strategic Golan Heights.  Now, as Syria is immersed in a horrendous civil war which has taken more than 80,000 lives and sent 400,000 refugees into Turkey, Erdogan maneuvers to install an Islamist regime in Damascus.  Eric Edelman, ex-U.S. Ambassador to Ankara, charged last week that Turkey "is...(Read Full Article)