Survey Says: Islam is a Global Menace

In an exclusive for the German conservative newspaper Die Welt on April 26, 2013, the German Bertelsmann Stiftung released international survey results concerning popular perceptions of Islam.  The polling of 14,000 people in 13 countries during November and December 2012 indicates broad-based concerns about the compatibility of Islamic beliefs and behaviors with free societies.  Those who continually invoke Islam as a "religion of peace" will apparently have to do more in future years than just complain of "Islamophobia" in order to improve Islam's international image.  Yet rather than engage in open debate, Muslims and their allies often seek merely the imposition of silence upon Islamic controversies. One of three enlargeable graphics with the online news story presents an unfavorable view of Islam from 11 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States).  Presented with the...(Read Full Article)