Sanctuary cities and states will bear the lion's share of amnesty cost

As Congress ponders an immigration reform bill that may result in amnesty, the Heritage Foundation has released the most comprehensive report to date on the long-term fiscal cost of such an amnesty.  Critics of reports such as these often respond by stating that immigrants pay their own way, and that immigrants are not using up more entitlement benefits than they are receiving. These critics are apt to say that there are other studies which prove that immigrants, once they become lawful, will not place a heavy burden on existing federal programs.  However, the studies noted by these critics do not include the cost of education or the cost of publicly provided services such as roads, utilities, and numerous other expenses borne by everyone.  The Heritage Foundation study does show the national costs of all of these additional programs. The Heritage Foundation estimate of the cost of amnesty at $6.3 trillion is as accurate as can be made today for the entire...(Read Full Article)