Revictimizing the Abused

The dirty secret that few people understand is that Planned Parenthood's policies actually abet the continued exploitation of rape and sexual abuse victims. Because of Planned Parenthood's ill-conceived programs, many girls who have been traumatized by childhood sexual abuse, rape, and other forms of sexual coercion never receive the mental health treatment they deserve. Instead, Planned Parenthood simply dispenses pills, condoms, and abortions, then sends the young women back into the cruel world to be revictimized. "The 'Hood" knows that these traumatized women often become the agency's best customers -- so why should they actually try to treat the core issues? Here's how it works. According to extensive research (Putnum, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, March 2003) approximately 15 per cent of young women have been victims of molestation by age 18. Child sexual abuse is one of the catalysts for PTSD for non-combat sufferers. The abused child...(Read Full Article)