Obama's Still Trying to Define the War

President Obama visited the National Defense University this week to take another shot (no pun) at defining the war in which the United States is embroiled. He talked about the world-view of the enemy. The terrorism we face is fueled by a common ideology -- a belief by some extremists that Islam is in conflict with the United States and the West, and that violence against Western targets, including civilians, is justified in pursuit of a larger cause. He separated America's enemies from its friends. Of course, this ideology is based on a lie, for the United States is not at war with Islam; and this ideology is rejected by the vast majority of Muslims, who are the most frequent victims of terrorist acts. He framed an American response. We must define our effort not as a boundless 'global war on terror' -- but rather as a series of persistent, targeted efforts to dismantle specific networks of violent extremists that threaten America. But having had nearly a dozen...(Read Full Article)