Obama-gate and World War III

Americans are the biggest losers from the slew of scandals now rocking the White House, but who are the biggest winners?  Iran, North Korea, Syria, China, and Russia.  If U.S. foreign policy seemed spineless and muddled in confronting bad actors before the Benghazi-IRS-AP scandals surfaced, the U.S. just became that much more irrelevant to its arch-rivals and antagonists on the world stage. Unfortunately, the trio of scandals comes at an extremely dangerous time.  The ever-unpredictable North Korea just fired three short-range guided missiles.  Much more ominously, Russia is reverting to a Cold War mindset in ways far more serious than the recent arrest of alleged CIA operative Ryan Fogle.  Russia is doubling down on its strategy of backing its Syrian client, and the stakes couldn't be higher. Russia recently sold advanced Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles to Syrian President Bashar Assad.  These missiles, outfitted with an advanced guidance system,...(Read Full Article)