Liberal Barnacles Show How Not To Do It

With the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, and the AP scandal, it is almost time for educated, intelligent people to start wondering just what President Obama meant when he promised in 2008 to heal the nation's partisan divide. Everybody knows that conservatives are haters and homophobes. But still, healers don't use the IRS to intimidate Tea Party ladies trying to enter into the public square. We are talking about an administration with a Culture of Intimidation, according to senior Republican officeholders -- and presumably the folks in their focus groups agree. But why be surprised that the IRS is targeting conservative groups for harassment and intimidation, asks Mike Adams? Today's government functionaries are just practicing what their liberal professors taught them. He cites the case of a gay activist at the University of North Carolina who started his career of intimidation by trying to force the Muslim Students Association to be more "inclusive." Then he moved on to the...(Read Full Article)