Immigration Reform: Compassion for Mexican Elites

Ah, those poor 11 million "undocumented" aliens -- err, souls -- rootless and furtively going about their meager existences in the U.S.A. Doesn't compassion dictate that Congress pass immigration reform, bringing these unfortunates out of the shadows, say liberals? And isn't it just plain practical to end de facto amnesty, says Marco Rubio and other Republican enablers of what is, in fact, amnesty with conditions (but don't call it that; stick with the Orwellian script by claiming that illegals have amnesty now). What's really compassionate and practical about immigration reform has less to do with the illegals among us than it has with Mexico's elites, who have long used the United States as a dumping ground for its poor and unemployed. About 62% of illegals in the United States are expatriate Mexicans. Without the United States serving as a safety valve for Ole México, the oligarchs and Crema de la cosecha that run things south of the border would face large segments of its...(Read Full Article)