Homage to a Down Low Brother

I don't know Jason Collins per se, nor do I think I would ever wish to. Contrary to the fanfare that gushes from our Media Powers, he is not courageous or heroic in any sense that conveys the spirit of both words' original meanings. It is perhaps one thing for Collins to "out" himself as a homosexual, after years of copulating with both men and women, and quite another to begrudge the courtesy of this highly pertinent information to his then beard, er... fiancé. Certainly, the propensity towards same-sex attraction does not fall upon one unawares, as would a meteorite, and a principled individual would consider such special knowledge a significant factor in any future marital equation. In essence, such deceitfulness in matters of the heart does not strike me as a brave moral stance. In truth, such self-interested subterfuge seems to display one as small-souled and insensitive -- although in the world of professional sports, such self-absorption is practically a byword. Nevertheless,...(Read Full Article)