Holding Assad to Account

During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, a 17-year old deserter successfully made his way to the West in 1981. But he found life there much different from the structured, disciplined lifestyle under which he had been raised in the Soviet Union. He felt uncomfortable with so many options in life demanding decisions. For him, it was too much to handle. He voluntarily returned to the Soviet Union and was executed for desertion. As the fighting in Syria continues, President Barack Obama exhibits a similar discomfort with the many options demanding decisions from him. But as the death toll there increases, options are decreasing. Obama made it clear to President Bashar al-Assad there would be consequences for crossing a specified "red line" -- i.e., using chemical weapons. While evidence exists that it happened, what Obama does to hold Assad accountable will speak volumes to the remaining dictators of the "Axis of Evil" -- North Korea's Kim Jong Eun and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad --...(Read Full Article)