Foreign Aid is Immoral

Why are so many people against Western aid being sent to Third World or to African countries? Is it because they are "mean-spirited" or "don't like black and brown people," as the pious liberal-left would have it? No. It may well be because people don't like taxpayers' money going into the bank accounts of the rich elites of Third World countries. Because they don't like corrupt regimes spending this money on palaces and race courses for the rich. Because they don't like it going on 'development projects' that are more to do with Western developers getting some of the cash and the rulers indulging in projects that have no practical value (other than to spend it on themselves or to boost their egos). And why should we aid countries run by juntas, dictatorships and whatnot? When there are no democratic pressures on such people, then the economic benefits from these developments projects are rarely going to amount to much anyway. This isn't just the view of "free market fundamentalists"...(Read Full Article)