Federal enforcement, not Immigration Reform, is Needed

While the gang of eight ponders immigration reform, what the American people need to understand is that statutory improvements are not is what is needed to correct the illegal immigration problem. What is needed is Federal enforcement of laws, whether current or future laws. Illegal immigration is not caused by the illegal actions of millions of individuals who decided to overstay visas or cross the southern U.S. border: it is a nationwide scheme of political corruption. This scheme can only be stopped if it is exposed and if the politicians who have created it and are perpetuating it have to answer for their actions. Illegal immigrants are already violating Federal immigration law. Writing new laws will no more stop them than passing a new background check law will stop criminals from using guns. They do not care to follow any laws, let alone painstakingly follow any new ones. Criminals are already banned from owning guns, adding another penalty is meaningless. The situation with...(Read Full Article)