Dangerous Times: The genocidal logic of anti-Zionism

Physicist Stephen Hawking is a famous media scientist, with all the pristine morality of a Hollywood starlet starving for publicity.  By calling for an academic boycott of Israel, Hawking just joined the long, long list of bloody-minded professors, as Winston Churchill called his Hawking's species. Paul Johnson's excellent book Intellectuals shows that most of the famous professors of the 20th century actively promoted mass murder -- far away from home, of course.  Most of the bloody-minded gang favored leftist mass murderers like Stalin and Mao, but others supported Hitler before he started to lose.  Famous philosopher Martin Heidegger even joined the German Nazi Party, and he never renounced his support.  French intellectual star Jean-Paul Sartre managed to serially support Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, for a record high murder count of 80-90 million human beings.  Sartre never renounced his support, either. Whaddaguy. Even today, bloody-minded professors...(Read Full Article)