Dancing with Obama

Political satirist Greg Gutfeld said: The media would not know a good story if they woke up next to it after they were drunk last night. For them Benghazi is like an ugly wallflower at the prom. They just want to dance with Obama all night. It's a way of life that's not without consequences to them or us.The Washington Post Co. reported Friday an 84% drop in first-quarter profit. To be sure waltzing Obama's not the only reason. There's the mindless drivel of the style section gushing over Michelle and her latest upscale food and clothing fancies; the racism of columnists like Eugene Robinson; the mushy leftism of columnists like Meyerson and Dionne; the insult to believers of putting Sally Quinn in charge of the Faith section, but the Post's papering over the truth for Obama's a big part of it. I expect that's true of the L.A. Times as well, where the writers and the L.A. City Council (!) had a conniption fit at the thought the Koch brothers would buy it up out of bankruptcy and...(Read Full Article)