Conspiracies and Delusion

It would seem that there is some faculty in the human consciousness that thrives on conspiracy theories -- the idea that there is a secret truth that lies just below the surface of perception waiting to be unraveled like a woven fabric. So often, we find that by pulling on and following that conspiratorial thread like some Theseus in a labyrinth, we do not so much as find our way back into the daylight but become even more confounded in the maze, as the fabric disappears and we are left with little more than the useless strands we pursued in heightened anticipation. We are ever curious and at times cynical beasts; and our curiosity in regarding the subtle mechanisms that drive and shape world events can be motivated by either the genuine desire for understanding or as a result of some paranoia of mind that interprets the world to be a cesspool of intrigue -- if it is filtered through darkened eyes. That conspiracies exist is without doubt. No act of political duplicity, coup, or...(Read Full Article)