Benghazi Reveals the Heart of Progressivism

In the first months after the Benghazi attack, the most urgent question, and one only rarely asked, was "What were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton doing during the seven and a half hours between the initial emergency communications from Benghazi and the final American deaths?"  A negative answer was provided in February by Leon Panetta: they were not engaging with their subordinates; they were not contacting anyone to discuss options; they were giving no orders for action; they remained entirely uninvolved. We are left to speculate about the positive answer to that question.  Were they sleeping?  Curled up by the fire with a good manifesto?  Playing poker with Huma and the gang?  Practicing jokes for a fundraising speech?  Your guess is as good as mine. And none of these guesses really matter in the end, compared to the looming horror that attends any of thepossibilities, namely this: the president and secretary of state of the most powerful nation...(Read Full Article)