Art Imitating Life: Benghazi, Obama, and Kirk Douglas

Talk about art imitating life. I landed upon a classic movie while surfing TV channels.  Kirk Douglas played a down-on-his-luck news reporter.  When I began watching the movie, a man named Leo was trapped in a collapsed cave.  Douglas managed to crawl within a few feet of Leo and was chatting with Leo, assuring the scared man that he would be rescued ASAP. But secretly, Douglas had other plans.  Keeping Leo trapped for at least seven days could revive Douglas's career.  He had exclusive access to Leo.  Writing daily updates could produce tremendous financial rewards; it could land Douglas a job with a major newspaper and a possible Pulitzer Prize. Now here is the despicable aspect of the story: the engineer said his crew could get Leo out of the hole in sixteen hours. Douglas manipulated the corrupt local sheriff, who was seeking re-election, to pressure the engineer to use a slower technique that would take at least five days to remove Leo from the hole....(Read Full Article)