America's Bad Seed

Any parent who has ever raised a child with serious character and moral issues, perhaps as a consequence of what turns out to have been a persistent and reckless infusion of adulation and unconditional love, must soon come to the realization that as a by-product of their permissiveness, blindness, or fantastical "Hope for Change," something terribly wrong has grown up at their heels -- like toadstools in a field overwatered with an unending flood of tears. America is beginning to understand this phenomenon all too vividly. The "child" so many had lavished unearned praise upon and loved with that cloying myopic affection that only the terminally bewitched can bestow, has turned out to be a delinquent who is as comfortable in telling a boldfaced lie as an infant is with suckling its pacifier. His ever-growing catalogue of prevarications -- calculated to deceive and misdirect, seem to flow so effortlessly from his being that one wonders if Barack Obama knows the difference between truth...(Read Full Article)