Is a tenured conservative as useless as a tenured radical?

Ah, to live in interesting times. I have hardly had enough skepticism in me to keep up, The liberal intelligentsia spins tangled webs, trying to figure out how they went from a ragtag collection of oppressed underdogs to a behemoth headed by a gay-friendly, biracial, Marxist-trained tyrant with a teleprompter, loosing the hounds familiar to any egregious police state combining Foucault's Panopticon with Hannah Arendt's banality of evil and George Orwell's doublespeak (abetted by tax intimidation, spying on journalists, propaganda, street thugs, bread and circuses, targeted assassinations, enemy lists, blacklisting, and modern slavery). Though I've been a blue-state urchin all my life, surrounded on all sides by liberal clowns and promiscuous pot-smoking baby-killing child-smuggling atheists, even I could not have dreamt how bad the left could get. After all, back in the 1970s, nobody imagined a Left so totally insane and morally untethered, combining people who willingly mutilate...(Read Full Article)