A Liberal/Progressive Epiphany

Now that the low-information/low-knowledge segment of the country is waking up to what conservatives have been pointing out since Barack Obama was first sanctified by the left, we are being treated to the spectacle of a liberal epiphany.  How, they ask themselves, could this have happened?  How could they have been suckered so completely?  After all, liberals/progressives tell us all the time, they are a superior manifestation of the species.  They are always right, and their political opponents are always bad people, motivated by ignorance and stupidity at best, and impure designs at least. Our progressive masters proclaim that they are not nearly so ignorant, and that those to whom the liberal legions pledge their fealty have "evolved" into more modern, nobler beings.  That they have done so in direct proportion to the demands of political correctness presents a hitherto unknown form of evolution, but science somehow always favors liberals, doesn't...(Read Full Article)