A Jerusalem State of Being

The Mideast Crisis is not something that the West is equipped to handle, or will ever be. The Israelis and Muslims understand this, but won't state it. Our press and leadership are not even aware of it. I am going to submit that the problem runs far deeper than most people realize. What Israel and Judaism both share in common is a land-based religion. In order for the Jews to perform the requirements of the Torah, with its sacrificial system, the Temple must be built in Jerusalem. This is not negotiable. The Torah will not permit otherwise. Judaism is not a religion that can be picked up and moved elsewhere. It has a sacred space. Islam has the holy cities of Mecca and Medina; and claims Jerusalem, which it mislabels as Al-Quds. It also has the Ummah (the Islamic homeland). Once a land becomes Muslim, it must never revert, which is why the Muslims still want Spain back. These geographies are religious imperatives. A Muslim has to make a hajj to Mecca. An observant Jew has to live in...(Read Full Article)