A Gay Wasteland

What's happening to gay men these days? Gay men used to be the arbiters of taste. Now, there's no accounting for their taste. Lady Gaga? I gave a Mardi Gras party earlier this year and some of the young gay men who attended didn't know how to make a good martini or a manhattan, let alone a Sazerac. These young men were more interested in gender theory than they were in gin. Now, they're out panting for same-sex marriage. How can you be happily married if you don't know how to make a decent cocktail? Lightheartedness aside, the present situation of GLBT people is a serious matter. Their push for same-sex/gay marriage threatens not only their acceptance but also undermines one of the fundamental institutions of society. Like the French Revolution, this push for same-sex/gay marriage may end by the revolutionaries eating their own adopted children. The whole same-sex/gay marriage debate baffles me. This is not what many gays wanted when they asked for changes in the sodomy laws in the...(Read Full Article)