Will the Left Radicalize the Military?

Listen up, Evangelical Christians, Mormons, Catholics, and Orthodox Jews. You read the news. An unnamed instructor with a U.S. Army Reserve unit put together a slide show in which he lumped you together with the KKK, Al Qaeda, and Hamas. Keep your heads up; that buzzing sound overhead might be a drone coming for you. Down the road, the military's growing conformity to the American left's worldview and values may have dire ramifications for the military, national security, and the nation. The further "leftization" of the nation's armed forces will only exacerbate the deep divisions in American society, between left and right, citizens of faith and the godless, the politically correct, and those Americans who aren't willing to bend to the PC's shibboleths. Will the military eventually morph into an enemy of traditional America? The Army instructor's exhortation (or should it be termed "indoctrination?") is being fobbed off as poor judgment on his part, and in no way reflects...(Read Full Article)