Visit Chicago for a Rollickin' Clockwork Orange Time, O My Brothers

O my brothers, we see these five hundred or more teenies, so described by those lovelies on the toddlin' town's nighttimey news tube, makin' merry along the Unmagnificent Magnificent Mile of glitterin' stores full of glossy bobbles and toys, and fine fooderies with silky girlies and suited men, eatin' all proper-like and quaffin' heady grapey reds and grapey whites like the toddlin' town still has the Ol' Abe Lincoln Park Zooey confinements swung closed and locked up tight with the nasty beasties inside them snug-like. Except don't be roamin' the Unmagnificent Magnificent Mile after your quaffin' and belly-fillin' or puttin' shiny-like bobbles and toys in big glitzy baggies, nights, 'cause those teenies are out prowlin, lookin' for pumpkin-headies to smash; lookin' for moodges to give the ol' crack in the ribbies and do nasties to silky girlies and blue-black K.O. their beaus' eye-sockets. Anthony Burgess did it much better in his classic A Clockwork Orange. But you get the point....(Read Full Article)