Truth in Fables: Why Progressives Hate Aesop

The fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is more applicable than ever in describing the environment in which we live.  Each interest group, especially those interest groups on the left, is infected with the need to describe ever more frightening futures, regardless what their interest is -- environment, education, energy, medical care, or whatever else the cause du jour may be.  Of course, they also try to sell the idea of submitting yourself to their tender mercies and giving them unlimited access to the Treasury (i.e., your money), with which they might be able to mitigate the horrors.  But only if you grant them dictatorial power over you and all your actions. Sadly, there seem to be a lot of people who haven't heard of the fable the boy who cried wolf.  Had they ever encountered Aesop at any time in a school setting, this technique wouldn't have worked for any of the special interest groups -- or the president, for that matter -- who use it again and again and...(Read Full Article)