The Left's Viking Politics

The new Vikings series on the History Channel has brought to light an interesting battle strategy from the past. The pagan Nordic marauders -- after having learned that most Europeans attended church on Sunday -- found Christians, their unattended homes and possessions, and the various valuable religious artifacts housed within the church walls, all easy targets. Although the contemporary conflict in America is largely an ideological one waged between opposing political parties, it is apparent that Democrats have begun, in earnest, to apply their own, modern version of the ancient Viking tactic:  Attack the Christian religion -- in an effort to discourage Republicans who go to church on Sundays to stay home on voting Tuesdays. Recently, Christianity replaced Judaism as the most persecuted religion in the world. Some will argue that there is no war against Christianity in America, but it is worth noting the attributes shared by the three predominate "social issues" of...(Read Full Article)