The Gun Control Paradox

As the new and improved Assault Weapons Ban is debated, it is instructive to study the strange circular logic used by gun control proponents to justify the banning of certain weapons for civilian use. At the heart of most gun-control efforts is a desire to ban so-called "weapons of war," based upon the premise that such things have no place in civil society. And perhaps they're right, at least about actual "weapons of war." There are few people arguing for the legalization of rocket launchers for civilian use, and nobody wants to see people building nuclear weapons as a cottage industry. So the restriction of some types of weapons seems perfectly reasonable and necessary. The problems arise when legislators attempt to classify firearms as "weapons of war" when such firearms do not warrant the label in the slightest. Many legislators and pundits have described rifles such as the AR-15 as a "weapon of war," but of course no competent army would ever outfit its soldiers with such a...(Read Full Article)