The Engineer and the Harlot

Imagine a horrendously overloaded locomotive slowly climbing a steep mountain grade. The engine has been called upon to perform a task that it was never designed to accomplish; and as a result, it is overheating and manifesting symptoms that augur an imminent breakdown or failure. The passengers inside who sip coffee while reading their books and chatting amongst themselves are not privy to what the Engineer knows: that behind the passengers are twenty cars filled to the rafters with cement. Furthermore, upon reaching the apex of this brutal grade, the "dead weight" being hauled will create an inexorable inertia that will send the locomotive and its occupants down to their most certain doom. The haughty Engineer and his Conductor who have abused it so are in an untenable position where they will not stop their advance and are instead content to whistle a half-hearted tune and order a last round of drinks for the unwitting passengers as they approach the inevitable. Indeed, in his...(Read Full Article)