Same-Sex Marriage and the NFL Gambit

What Americans say in public about same-sex marriage isn't necessarily a good barometer of public opinion, because, if we're going to be honest, there's a huge discrepancy between the opinions that Americans express in polls and the opinions they express at the polls. Recent polls may show a slight majority support for same-sex marriage, but the overwhelming majority of popular state ballot initiatives disallowing it suggest a widespread popular opposition. So the position that many Americans might offer to a potentially PC pollster may not be the same conclusion they might reach in a voting booth, all alone with their beliefs -- religious or otherwise. The truth is that many Americans who oppose same-sex marriage fear publically speaking their minds about it, a direct result of a calculated propaganda campaign to shame dissenters. This is the muzzling effect of political correctness that Dr. Ben Carson occasionally speaks of. Honest discussion cannot take place because the engineers...(Read Full Article)