Planned Parenthood's Horrific Ironies Exposed by the Gosnell Trial

Kermit Gosnell's name is certain to be recorded as one of the most ghoulish figures in recent history. The revelations about his abortion "house of horrors" have appalled the nation, earning him the title of "human butcher." The graphic images of his appalling techniques have horrified, sickened and dismayed people around the world. Yet, ironies abound in this dismaying case of savagery. Gosnell's employees are the ones exposing practices that overshadow the purported squalor of back-alley illegal abortions. In the face of unbelievably inhuman actions, the President of the United States joined those with ice in their blood, who continued to defend "choice" even after viewing the reality of savagely "slitting the throat," "tearing off limbs" or "severing the spinal cord" of newly-born babies.  Planned Parenthood --  the nation's largest abortion provider is also the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X [fully 45 percent of their total funding is from taxpayer...(Read Full Article)