Next Up on the Fracking Fear-Mongering List: Earthquakes!

Environmentalists have failed with every specious charge brought forth against fracking, with fear-mongering fallacies consistently flying in the face of the evidence to the contrary.  Now they are claiming that fracking is a criminal activity due to the potential of natural gas drilling to cause earthquakes. Earthquakes?  Really, linking seismic events to fracking is outright laughable. Disingenuous information is the real criminal activity in this saga.  Fracking's latest misinformation tour is being castigated by a celebrity clown car chugging through the hills of Scranton, Pennsylvania, carrying 30,000 pounds of frack-a-phobic bananas (apologies to the late Harry Chapin).  This Landship of Fools should hook up the onboard hookah to the tail pipe of their fossil fuel-burning bandwagon for a real chemical cocktail; perhaps sampling the BTEX compounds spewing from the diesel exhaust might foster an epiphany.  Inhaling one breath of diesel exhaust would...(Read Full Article)