Mosque-Related Violence

President Obama has done all he can these past five years to manipulate language and facts in order to exonerate Islam and Moslems from terrorist attacks committed in the U.S. by Moslems in the name of Islam and jihad. After Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood mowed down numerous innocents while chanting "Allahu Akbar," Mr. Obama and his underlings refused to designate it as terrorism or jihad but instead labeled it "workplace violence". The same distortion of reality occurred when Abdul Mohammud killed an army recruiting officer in Little Rock, Arkansas in June, 2009. Mr. Mohammud, the killer, knew he did it as an act of jihadist terrorism, but the President's men would have us believe it was simply "generic violence". While all of us knew that what happened in Boston was indeed terrorism, the president initially refused to call it terrorism. Perhaps, he thought, he could jawbone us into believing that it was simply "Marathon-related violence". His advisors initially floated the trial...(Read Full Article)