Lincoln, Obama, and Us

A very significant date, March 4, 2013, has passed virtually without notice. It was on that date that President Obama's tenure exceeded that of Abraham Lincoln. We can all give thanks to God, of course, that Mr. Obama's term in office has not been cut short, as Lincoln's was, by a heinous act of political violence. Still, the "longer than Lincoln served" theme is worth exploring. Many comparisons between Lincoln and Obama were offered at the time of his election and inauguration more than four years ago. That's understandable because both served in the Illinois legislature in Springfield and both had brief terms in the U.S. Congress; Lincoln a single term in the House, Obama a single term in the Senate. Of course, as the first black president, Barack Obama was seen by millions as an heir of the Lincoln mantle of freedom. When Lincoln left Springfield on February 11, 1861, he offered this brief but poignant farewell: My friends, no one, not in my situation, can appreciate my feeling...(Read Full Article)