King Abdullah II: The Other Elephant in the Room

The decades of failed Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations aren't due merely to the conflicts over borders, blockades, settlements, outposts, land resources or the construction in East Jerusalem. The failure can only be attributed to three widely-ignored "elephants in the room" that have prevented the Palestinian and Israeli leadership from signing any final peace treaty. The first elephant is that the Palestinian leadership, as with most Arab leaders, does not want a Jewish state to even exist; the second is the 1so-called Right of Return clause that is the peaceful solution to eliminate the Jewish State; and the third is quietly hiding in the corner of the room pretending that he has no reason to be there...that elephant is King Abdullah II of Jordan. With this in mind, President Obama's recent trip to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman may be viewed as an effort to bring King Abdullah II into future negotiations with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas. Therefore, an...(Read Full Article)