It's the Language, Stupid

If truth in labeling laws were applied to politics, the American left would have headed for the hills by now.  Once "liberal" became a dirty word, they looked back over a century for guidance on how to redefine themselves. Yesterday's liberal Democrats morphed into today's "progressives."  Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were the first in American politics to be described as progressive, and true to form both sought to expand the scope of executive power.  But "progress" had a far broader connotation at the time, even being tinged with a hint of optimism, a trait utterly lacking from contemporary liberalism. Back then, people thought of progress as the evolution of society from the preindustrial age toward modernity.  They attributed the remarkable changes they witnessed to both science and invention.   One of the most publicized examples of this was Einstein's theory of general relativity, which was tested and validated in 1919.  Einstein...(Read Full Article)