How Will Obama Work the Crisis?

For President Barack Obama and Democrats, all things are political. For them, the Boston Marathon bombings are more than a national security issue. On the left, the calculus for any crisis involves figuring out and extracting political gain from awful events -- the economy cratering in 2007-08 is a prime example. Now come the Brothers Tsarnaev, who, reports the New York Times (via a posting at the leftist Democratic Underground), got what they needed to build bombs from the internet. From the Times' article: When Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spoke to investigators on Sunday, officials said, he indicated that he and his brother had learned to make the pressure-cooker bombs that they used at the marathon from Inspire, the online Al Qaeda magazine. One can take the Times' report at face value: the Brothers Tsarnaev culled what they needed to know about jihad, tactics, and bomb-making mechanics from online. The other take is that the left may use Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's confession as the seed of a...(Read Full Article)