How to Slice Bread

Aristotle taught that everything which occurs or is conceived according to natural law is for the best or will produce the best result, Therefore, whenever one is confronted with a choice, the choice that is most consistent with nature -- the natural choice -- is always the most appropriate and the most likely to produce success and happiness. This concept is valid whether dealing with one's personal affairs or affairs of state. As an illustration, let us suppose that a man wishes to cut a loaf of bread. He goes to his kitchen drawer and find several knives and a spoon, He chooses a knife which has been designed specifically to cut bread, which of course is the natural choice (in the Aristotelian sense). From this point on whether the bread gets cut properly or not will be totally up to the man wielding the knife. If he does it skillfully, the bread is cut properly. If he uses the knife carelessly or inexpertly, the bread will be poorly cut. Or if he has not taken care to be sure that...(Read Full Article)