Gun Bill Defeat is Not Enough

Catherine the Great once demanded of her favorite commander, Aleksandr V. Suvorov, why he had allowed defeated enemy soldiers to escape. "I wanted to kill or capture every last one," he admitted, "but pity stayed my hand." "You are not known for pity toward my enemies," the Empress replied. "It was a pity that I had no fresh cavalry at hand," Suvorov explained. The story may be apocryphal, but it illustrates Suvorov's highly successful principle perfectly: never fight the same men twice. The attack with cold steel involved sharp objects with angry Russian soldiers behind them crashing not into but through the enemy, and it caused the opposing soldiers to turn their backs and run. The Cossacks' horses could run faster, which gave the fugitives no choice but to hand over their weapons and flags if they wanted to live. The word "retreat" was blasphemous, and even the command to halt was reputedly given only on the parade ground. Sweden's Caroleans (Karoliner, soldiers of King Charles)...(Read Full Article)