Confronting an Anti-bullying Campaign in San Francisco

Three years ago, when my son started kindergarten at a San Francisco city school, his mother and I were surprised one day to find in his backpack a curious form for us to sign.  It was a no-bully pledge.  By signing, we'd agree to instruct our son not to bully anyone at school.  And, should someone at school bully him, we were to instruct our son not to fight back.  Essentially, the school was telling us to tell our son to turn the other cheek.  Nothing wrong with that.  But I'm more of an eye-for-an-eye sort of guy, so I didn't quite appreciate the pacifist pressure.  Fortunately, my son's mother felt the same.  So neither of us signed the form.  Instead, we just threw it away.  Luckily, no one at the school made a fuss.  Still, I wasn't wild about the school making a fuss about bullying.  Seemed to me, if any particular child were getting too aggressive with other kids at school, that one child, along with the child's...(Read Full Article)