What a Fine Mess We're In

The title quote from Laurel & Hardy here refers to public policies. Most of us are interested in our public policies; they affect how we relate to each other, how various government agencies relate to us, and we talk, often complain, about them. The question here is how national domestic policies come to be what they are and why we have had some unease about them in recent years. Public policies are a reflection of public philosophies, so asking this question introduces the notion of public philosophy. Philosophies are not just arcane academic endeavors. They filter down from formal philosophies in academia and become understood in the populace as 'common knowledge,' a cultural world-view of how the world simply works. This is public philosophy and it determines how we go about living, governing ourselves, and solving problems. Public philosophies are widely held, but are seldom universally held in common and the result can be a conflict in how we understand the world. Almost...(Read Full Article)