The Third-Party Temptation -- Just Say No

The fiscal cliff and sequester battles between Obama's political operatives and the House Republican leaders reveal an Obama political strategy that is impressive in its cunning. No matter what the final outcome of fiscal struggles past and future, Obama has brilliantly maneuvered himself into a position where he always wins. At this point in his administration, Obama understands that his tactic of blaming George W. Bush for seemingly endless sluggish economic growth is getting a little long in the tooth. But now, if House Republicans refuse to capitulate to one of his offers of faux compromise, Obama has a new Republican culprit to blame and indeed, in the aftermath of the sequester battle, he has publicly promised to do just that. But while they can win with the first option, Team Obama would vastly prefer that the Republicans chose the second option of total or at least partial capitulation. The Obama strategists know that if the Republicans do fall into the trap of capitulation...(Read Full Article)