The PLO Rewrites History

Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama visited Israel last week. While there, he took a quick trip to Ramallah ("Height of God") to hold talks with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas. During the press conference after the meeting, Obama said: "Palestinians deserve an end to occupation and the indignities that come with it" [through an] "independent, viable and contiguous Palestinian state as the homeland of the Palestinian people alongside the Jewish state of Israel." "Put simply, Palestinians deserve a state of their own." During the same press conference, Abbas said: "... Palestinians want a two-state solution, 'Palestine and Israel, [but that] peace should not be made through violence, occupation, settlements, arrests, siege,' [and the denial of the rights of refugees]." Abbas also said that a Palestinian unity deal would be a key to peace. Irony of Ironies! The PA now talks "peace." While the PA is not technically the same as the Palestinian Liberation Authority...(Read Full Article)