The Market Economy and Spiritual Qualities

In a market economy, productivity leading to wealth entails spiritual qualities of life. The materialists' fallacy game has ended.  They have lost.  But either they don't yet acknowledge the facts or they perversely deny their loss. It is the mantra of the deluded, held by the old Materialists, European Socialists and, more recently, Maoists in China -- by Trudeauists in Canada and Progressivists in America, capped by Barack Obama's egocentric, progressivist willfulness and manipulated crises.  That tons of resources and stimulus cash poured into the economy from an invented, mythical supply of money (the national debt) is the right path to economic prosperity has been shown for what it is: an illusion.  "Fair" redistribution by taxing the rich has left the underclass worse off. Barack Obama's original intention has not changed.  He wants, and has always wanted, to transform America not in the image of our Constitution and heritage, but in his own image...(Read Full Article)