The Left's End-of-the-World Obsession

T'wasn't that long ago that it was bible thumpers who ran through the streets proclaiming that the end of the world was at hand. Perhaps the thumpers are still running amok, but these days their proclamations and shouts are drowned out by the apocalyptic left -- the godless left, that is. After the biblical Apocalypse comes Christ's glorious eternal reign on earth. After the left's apocalypse comes... nothing, nada, zero, zilch. The left has visions of cataclysm dancing in their conceited heads and it ain't pretty. "Nothing" is the endpoint of godlessness (why gussy it up by calling it "secularism?"). The left is increasingly godless, and like all the other bilge and poison spewed by them over the decades, today's bad stuff is infiltrating the broader culture. About a third of twenty-somethings are "religiously unaffiliated." The number is anticipated to rise. The science channels regularly feature cataclysmic programming -- everything from speculation about meteor strikes a-coming...(Read Full Article)