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Man and woman created He them.  Oh yeah? Well, here in Massachusetts that biblical stuff is long gone, trashed for representing patriarchal imperialism, binarism, gender apartheid, cissexism, and other detestable things.    Accordingly, we have recently been sternly reminded that we must get with the program and "cleanse" our schools and ourselves of all "gender distinctions."  The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has released a lengthy directive updating the "transgender rights and hate crimes" law that went into effect in July 2012.  But last year's law apparently didn't go far enough. According to the intrepid (and much-maligned) pro-family activists at MassResistance, this latest directive is "the most thorough, invasive, and radical transgender initiative ever seen on a statewide level." So let's take a look at the DESE decree, a bloated and repetitive huff-and-puffer, like all such bureaucratic fiats....(Read Full Article)