Sequestration: A Teaching Moment

I got an (unsolicited) e-mail the other day from The national PTA (Parent Teacher Association) entitled "Congressional Inaction on Sequestration Harms Students and Families". The e-mail (here is the web version) says that the "National PTA disappointed with the lack of a bipartisan solution". The e-mail opens with this statement: "The National PTA is disappointed with the U.S. Congress' apparent failure to reach a balanced, responsible deficit reduction plan to replace automatic, across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration." The e-mail concludes with this statement: "By not achieving bipartisan action to replace sequestration, Congress has failed our nation's children and their families." The e-mail places the sequestration squarely upon the U.S. Congress. But nowhere in the entire e-mail is Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama, or his role, even mentioned. The PTA said was "disappointed with the lack of a bipartisan solution," but forgot (on purpose?) to mention that House...(Read Full Article)