Robin From the Hood

Yes, we all want what the president wants: a better job market, a better economy, a stronger middle class, a better educational system. In short a better, fairer way to a robust system in which we all get our just deserts. Yes, we want the American way to be the fair-shot-fair-share way. Boilerplate stuff Obama can make sound like profound insights, gussied up in the patois of left-wing university-speak. But make no mistake about it. The president is a man with a mission. He is the champion of social justice. This is hardly a secret. Obama has proclaimed as much many times. For example, in his recent Townhall article (3/2/13), Bill O'Reilly writes: Above all, the president is a social justice man... It must be hard for the president to cozy up to people who spend $20,000 on a weekend vacation after his experience in the South Side of Chicago. True compassion for the underprivileged must extend further than celebrity fundraisers at Spago, and the president knows it... He has seized [...(Read Full Article)