Protecting American Rights at the Local Level

Liberals believe themselves to be superior people who not only know the answers to all of life's problems but are also more caring and compassionate than the hoi polloi. Their self image fuels their feeling of noblesse oblige, they have both the right and responsibility to run the lives of the less gifted in America; i.e. those who aren't liberals. To an objective observer it's hard to reconcile the liberal condemnation of conservatives who object to abortion on the grounds that making abortion illegal is an intrusion on individual liberty when those same liberals declare that the government has the right to determine how large a bottle of soda you can buy. Needless to say, liberals themselves see no contradiction because they know that abortion is good and drinking too much soda is bad with a fervor and certainty normally associated with a revivalist minister. Fortunately for the majority of Americans, the Constitution limits what can be done at the level of the Federal government...(Read Full Article)