A Life on the Line

I wonder if an ex-Muslim who has converted to Christianity is considered by his Muslim family, friends, and fellow Muslims to be an 'Islamophobe' for his criticism of the God of Islam, Allah, and for calling the ideology of Islam and the Qur'an the biggest lie in history? Al Qaeda thinks that and worse: it has called the words and actions of Mosab Hassan Yousef a crime punishable by death... and that is just for his conversion from Islam to Christianity. Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of one of the cofounders of Hamas, once president of the Islamic Youth Movement and now considered by many followers of the Qur'an to be a traitor, has clearly been on a mission since 2007: to shake up the billions of believers of Islamic ideology with his seditious interviews, speeches, and writings... including this 11 minute video in which he does just that. In this video, Yousef is clearly talking to both Muslims and non-Muslims as he crusades to expose what he believes is the core...(Read Full Article)